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Woodward Leads Corporate Water Stewardship Strategies

Stefanie Woodward is helping WSP USA’s clients create environmentally responsible water stewardship strategies.


Stefanie Woodward

“I provide support to clients implementing organization-wide water stewardship programs, including conducting water risk assessments, engaging internal and external stakeholders, and developing water replenishment strategies,” said Woodward, a project consultant in the San Francisco office.

Her clients include a Fortune 50 IT company, where she is leading the implementation of organization’s water stewardship strategy.

“Water stewardship is a relatively new field, so it is exciting and challenging to help our clients push the boundaries and become leaders in this area by setting water replenishment goals and working with non-profit, government and corporate partners to implement them,” Woodward said.

Generating Excitement

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Woodward earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and international studies from the University of Arizona, and a master’s degree in environmental management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Prior to joining WSP, she served as an advisor to the United Nation’s CEO Water Mandate, an organization that is working with business leaders to advance water stewardship, sanitation and the UN sustainable development goals.

“I developed guidance on corporate water stewardship and fostered collaboration between companies, government agencies, and non-profits to improve water resource management,” Woodward said.

She was impressed by WSP’s experience in sustainability and energy and its impressive list of clients, as well as its collaborative team culture.

“Not only does WSP provide its clients with support in water risk assessment, and development and implementation of water stewardship strategies, but we also have the global reach and technical expertise to provide water auditing at facilities around the world,” Woodward said.

After returning from World Water Week, an annual conference on global water issues held in Stockholm, Sweden in late August, Woodward is encouraged by signs that corporate water stewardship is a growing trend.

“I noticed a lot of new faces when I attended World Water Week this year – a great indicator that more and more companies are interested in water stewardship,” she said. “Topics like context-based target setting, collective action, and quantifying water embedded in energy were some of the themes that generated excitement at the event.”

Since joining WSP in March, Woodward has been focused on generating similar excitement with the firm’s clients.

“My goal is to raise awareness among companies and potential partners so that WSP can provide support for companies seeking to be better water stewards.”


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